Exclusive: New ‘Preacher’ Season 3 Images Reveal Jesse’s Menacing Foe Jody

     May 14, 2018


The third season of AMC’s Preacher is nearly here, and with it, we’ll be seeing our heroes battling some new foes. In the upcoming episodes, Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) will be returning home and facing off against both his past and some very real people in the present. One of those (as we are able to exclusively reveal today) is Jody, played by Jeremy Childs.

Now, why should Jesse (and maybe also us?) be afraid of Jody? According to his character description, “Massive and intimidating, Jody emanates danger. He’s the enforcer for Gran’ma and the only man Jesse’s never beaten in a fight. He’s nobody’s fool, and not someone to cross.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound good! In the comics, Jody is one of the most important formative figures in Jesse’s life, and their battle this season will certainly be one for the ages. According to the Preacher wiki, “Massively muscled, [Jody] can send a man flying with one punch, and he has an incredible tolerance for pain and injury, being able to take a nailed plank of wood to the face without wincing, and able to remain foul-mouthed, and direct whilst on fire.”

Preacher returns for 10 episodes on Sunday, June 24 at 10 p.m.  Here’s the official synopsis for the upcoming season, followed by new images below:

In Season 3, Jesse Custer’s quest for God takes him back to the place he’s been avoiding his whole life: home. Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy return to Angelville, the Louisiana Plantation where Jesse was raised, and find old grudges and deadly obligations await them.  With the help of his friends — and a few enemies — Jesse will need to escape his past… because the future of the world depends on it.