Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ Sequel Is Called ‘The Predator’; First Poster Revealed

     February 16, 2016


While reboot/sequel/sequelboot culture is getting a bit tiring, it’s impossible not to be excited about a new Predator movie when Shane Black is involved. The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang filmmaker had a supporting role in the original Arnold Schwarzenegger-fronted actioner and contributed heavily to that film’s screenplay, and he returned to the franchise in 2014 by boarding 20th Century Fox’s reboot. However, instead of starting from scratch, Black and co-writer Fred Dekker (of Monster Squad fame) opted to craft a sequel, explaining to us here at Collider, “Why start over when you’ve all this rich mythology to mine?” Black added that he’s a fan of “really inventive sequels,” which should be obvious given the stellar Iron Man 3, but since that time we haven’t heard too much by way of updates on the new Predator movie. Until today, that is.

The official Predator Facebook page unveiled a promo poster touting, “Here we go again, bro,” with the poster’s tagline reading “You’ll Never See Him Coming.” Folks noticed that in red on the poster were the words “The Predator,” leading us to wonder if that’s the title of this new Predator movie. We reached out to Black himself who confirmed that, barring any other ideas, The Predator is the current title of the film.


Image via 20th Century Fox

While this is clearly a promo poster as the movie doesn’t have a cast yet, I love the cleverness of the tagline “You’ll Never See Him Coming.” It’s a reference to the camouflage of the character, obviously, but also harkens back to a line of dialogue uttered by The Mandarin in Marvel’s Iron Man 3, which Black co-wrote and directed.

Feature film-wise, Black most recently wrote and helmed the 70s-set The Nice Guys, starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, which looks utterly fantastic and is poised for release this May, and he also co-wrote (with Dekker) and directed the Amazon pilot Edge. Beyond that, we don’t know if The Predator will be Black’s next directing gig or if he’ll revive the promising Doc Savage adaptation that he was working on in the wake of Iron Man 3’s success. This new teaser poster seems to suggest The Predator is gaining steam, so might we see Black return to the franchise sooner rather than later? Whatever the case, a new Shane Black movie is good news for all.


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