NYCC: Watch ‘The President Show’ and ‘Drunk History’ Panel Live

     October 6, 2017

The crowd at New York Comic-Con should have a good time with the panels for The President Show and Drunk History. If you’re unfamiliar with the Comedy Central series, The President Show stars Anthony Atamanuik as Donald Trump and makes fun of the buffoonish figure while Drunk History has people getting wasted, giving their version of a historical event or figure, and then famous actors reenact what the drunk person is saying.

If you’re not at NYCC but still want to see these panels, fear not! You can check them out in the livestream above, which will switch over to The President Show and Drunk History at 3:45pm EST.

Here’s the official NYCC copy for the panels:

The President Show


Oh Boy Oh Boy! The President Show creator Anthony Atamanuik, who hosts playing Donald J. Trump, and executive producer Peter Grosz, who plays his sidekick Vice President Mike Pence, will both appear in character to hold the best and most tremendous panel NYCC has ever witnessed. The BEST and MOST tremendous. The President Show panel will include an exclusive inside look into the series, the greatest Q&A with the people and other very big things. Big. Comedy Central’s The President Show, a topical weekly late-night series, airs Thursday nights directly from “the Oval Office” and features such late-night staples as desk segments, field pieces and guest interviews.


Drunk History


Stick around after because it’s time to raise a glass to Emmy® nominated “Drunk History”!, Derek Waters (co-creator/host/director) and other panelists will walk you through how this liquored-up narration of American history works, with the help of an ever-changing cast of intoxicated actors and comedians. Booze helps bring out the truth; it’s just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent! From humble beginnings as a digital series to four seasons on Comedy Central, Derek and friends have plenty of stories to share from the making of the show. Stop by to get an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming season, a Q&A with some surprise guests and plenty more Drunk History debauchery!

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