Disney and William Goldman Teaming Up for THE PRINCESS BRIDE Musical

     November 11, 2013


A musical adaptation of The Princess Bride is finally coming to the stage, courtesy of our entertainment overlords at Disney.  The studio—which seems to be behind nearly every majorly successful piece of media these days—has struck a deal to team up with The Princess Bride author and screenwriter William Goldman to develop a stage musical version of the classic story.  Goldman originally developed a musical iteration of The Princess Bride a few years ago before financial disputes put an end to the project.  None of that material will be used in this new version, but given that Disney gave us the wonderful stage adaptation of The Lion King, I think it’s safe to say The Princess Bride is in good hands.  Hit the jump for more.

Goldman penned the fairy tale novel The Princess Bride in 1973 and wrote the script for director Rob Reiner’s fantastic 1987 feature film adaptation, so it’s fitting that he’ll also be behind the stage musical.  Per THR, no creative team, casting, or timeline has been announced so it may be some time before the project sees the light of day.  That being said, if Princess Bride star and Broadway favorite Mandy Patinkin isn’t somehow involved with the musical, it will be an enormously disappointing missed opportunity.  Make some moves, Disney!

Watch the trailer for Reiner’s film below, and if you somehow haven’t seen The Princess Bride, I suggest you rectify that immediately.


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