Producer Charles Roven Exclusive Video Interview – THE INTERNATIONAL

     February 2, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

If you think you recognize Producer Charles Roven’s name here on Collider, it’s because in the last few months I’ve spoken with him on more than one occasion. Here’s my interview from last year’s Scream Awards where we talked “Dark Knight”, “Get Smart 2”, and “Season of the Witch” – the new Nicholas Cage movie.

Anyway, with his new movie “The International” getting released on February 13th, I managed to get an exclusive interview at the recent press day for the film.

Since a lot of you may not know much about “The International”, the first thing I suggest doing is watching some clips and reading the synopsis here.

But the main thing you need to know about the movie is…there is an action sequence that takes place in the Guggenheim Museum that really is must see. While almost every movie nowadays has characters that shoot guns at one another, the Guggenheim sequence is as good as the best car chases. I don’t want to spoil the battle, so all I’ll say is when it’s over…you’ll be impressed.

And one last thing before watching…while I’d love to say I got some huge update on the next “Batman” movie, we spent almost all our time talking about “The International”, as I knew he didn’t have much to say about “Batman”. Just to be clear to anyone who thinks they’re even close to making the sequel to “The Dark Knight”…they’re not. The earliest we’d get another “Batman” movie is the summer of 2011…so everyone needs to take a deep breathe and relax for awhile.

And now…here’s the interview.

Charles Roven

  • Dark Knight Oscar talk
  • How daunting was it to shoot The International all around the world
  • I mention the Bourne Trilogy and how that’s filmed around the world. I ask if that helps when pitching a studio that filming around the world is a viable option
  • The Guggenheim sequence – how much was filmed on a set and how much was actually there. Also, how difficult was it to get permission to film there
  • When he spoke to the production designer and said we are going to rebuild the Guggenheim, was he happy or scared
  • We talk about the banking crisis and how the movie is extremely relevant to what is going on right now

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