Producer Denise Ream Talks CARS 2

     November 7, 2011

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Judging by the comments on the previous Cars 2 DVD/Blu-ray coverage, the film seems rather divisive with a lot of you – most bemoaning its failure to live up to previous heights of Pixar yore. I’m not sure the comparisons are necessarily fair – as Cars 2 doesn’t intend to have the same gravitas as other Pixar films. It’s the lightest of the studio’s fare and the most freewheeling narratively. The movie’s not afraid to go off on silly tangents – like the extended wasabi joke or the master of disguise jet plane sequence. Do all the jokes land? No. Does the movie feel like it could lose twenty or so minutes. Sure, it does. But  the thing that really irks me – those that use Cars 2 as a sign of the Pixar-Apocalypse, waving their pitchforks proclaiming ‘Hear ye, hear ye – this be the moment Ol’ Glorious Pixar sold out. Now The End is Nigh”. It’s one film. ONE. Let’s hold off on the judgment at least until Brave

In the fifth and final interview (taken part at Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, CA), Cars 2 producer Denise Ream discusses how to budget/schedule an animated feature, what inspired her to get into the animation field and the differences between producing live action (as she previously worked at ILM on the Star Wars prequels) versus animation. For all this and more, hit the jump.

Denise Ream Interview Index:

  • Transitioning (or the lack thereof) to producer on Cars 2
  • What is the process of budgeting and scheduling an animated film?
  • Differences between working on live action and animated features
  • What inspired you to get into animated films?
  • What projects are you working on now?

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