Producer Donald De Line talks GREEN LANTERN

     March 8, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Earlier today I attended the press day for the extremely funny comedy “I Love You, Man.” Since Producer Donald De Line was in attendance, during the roundtable interview we were able to ask him what’s going on with “Green Lantern”.

Thankfully, even with the terrible economic conditions, it seems that everything is still moving forward with Warner Bros. next big budget superhero movie. In fact, during the interview he said they’ve hired their production and costume designer and they’re going to Australia next week to scout locations! He also compared the tone to “Iron Man” and confirmed it’s going to be Hal Jordan.

Finally, at the end of our “Green Lantern” conversation I tried to find out if this will finally be the movie that showcases other superheroes in the same movie the way “Iron Man” did with Nick Fury. While he wasn’t sure, he did say,”DC Comic is a part of Warner Bros. and they both have a very large agenda with that. So I think they’ve got all kinds of things in the works. Yeah, definitely.”

As a huge fan of the way Marvel is doing things, one can only hope that “Green Lantern” has a surprise or two.

Look for full interviews soon from the “I Love You, Man” press day. Until then, here’s what Donald said about “Green Lantern”.

Question: Is Green Lantern going to be a straight up conventional action comic book movie or is it more of a comedy?

Donald De Line: It is absolutely a big action/adventure piece and fantasy obviously as we go out into space with the Green Lantern. And it’s Hal Jordan. It will absolutely have a sense of humor as well, character based humor. So it’s not dark it that regard.

Is it more like an Iron Man?

Donald De Line: I would say the tone absolutely wants to live in that kind of a world.

A lot of fandom seems to be excited by comic book movies and they seem to be a huge part of the box office. Is this project definitely green lit and going?

Donald De Line: It is definitely going as much as anything is in the movie business right now. We’re in pre-production. We have Martin Campbell directing it. We have our production designer and costume designer. We’re heading off to Australia to scout next week. It’s on the release calendar. I feel like we’d have to do something really wrong to stop it from happening. But I think we’re absolutely going to keep it on the track.

Well it seems to me that the Marvel movies have done such a good job at introducing other characters into their movies like they did in Iron Man with Nick Fury. Are you guys already thinking about say introducing another DC character in Green Lantern?

Donald De Line: I haven’t gone there because I’m just doing Green Lantern, but DC Comic is a part of Warner Bros. and they both have a very large agenda with that. So I think they’ve got all kinds of things in the works. Yeah, definitely.

Andif you’d like to watch 2 red band and 5 regular movie clips from “I Love You, Man”, click here.

Producer Donald De Line

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