PSA Sunday: He-Man and She-Ra Talk About Inappropriate Touching

     November 20, 2011

I believe it was sometime in the mid-1980s when TV producers decided that their programming was a suitable replacement for actual parenting. As a child of that experimental era, I would spend roughly 25 minutes at a clip watching my cartoon heroes beat the crap out of villains, followed by a thirty-second PSA of them telling me that violence wasn’t the answer. Mixed messages?

While it’s great to look back on the PSAs of my childhood, sometimes they crop up with a certain amount of dark irony in lieu of current events. Take this clip from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in which He-Man, She-Ra and Orko want to talk to you about something that’s very personal…your body. Hit the jump to hear their “touching” message and click here for our previous PSA Sunday videos.

The message is an absolutely serious issue for kids, but apparently it didn’t stick. If the people who are now my age would have heeded He-Man’s warning back in the day, then perhaps a certain coach at a certain institution would have been busted a long time ago.  Maybe that whole “Tell someone you trust” line gets thrown out the window when they’re the ones doing the touching.

But speaking of mixed messages, how uncomfortable is it for a little kid to be watching a nearly naked, muscle-bound man talking about people touching his body? Seriously, if He-Man touched you in a bad way, who the hell are you going to tell about it? Man-At-Arms? (He’s actually very handsy.) Man-E-Faces? (He’s a two-faced liar…or three-faced.) Ram-Man? (Okay, too easy.) Extendar, Master of Extension? (What…) Fisto? (Seriously? FISTO? C’mon!)

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He-Man and She-Ra