PSA Sunday: This Memorial Day, Celebrities Got Your 6

     May 27, 2012


Memorial Day is a holiday meant to honor the American soldiers who lost their lives in military service and to remind us all of their sacrifice.  Some Hollywood A-listers thought that the best way to show their support would be to literally turn their backs on them.  In this misguided attempt at drumming up awareness and support for veterans returning home and looking for jobs, celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, Milla Jovovich and Bradley Cooper put their backs to the camera while talking to our nation’s service men and women.  I’m not blaming the celebrities for going along with this ridiculous gimmick, but rather the person who thought “I’ve got your six,” is an acceptable tagline while overlooking the metaphor of “turning your back on someone.”  The message is great, one that we should all remember, this weekend and every weekend; it’s just the delivery that’s unintentionally silly and borders on insulting.  Hit the jump to check it out.

The following PSA comes courtesy of the “Got Your 6” campaign.  While the celebrities look goofy in this video, the point of the campaign is well justified.  Here’s a look at their mission statement:

“Got Your 6″ is a campaign led by the entertainment industry that will help create a new conversation in America, one where veterans and military families are perceived as both leaders and civic assets.

Got Your 6 will inspire Americans to help bridge the civilian-military divide.

Got Your 6 will provide tools, platforms, and resources that Americans can use to feel more comfortable with military and veteran culture.

Got Your 6 will create opportunities for veterans and civilians to join together to reinvigorate our communities.

Got Your 6 will change the conversation in America, so that our returning veterans are not seen as liabilities, but as assets.

Got Your 6 will embody—for all Americans—the values of duty, selfless service, and mutual respect upheld by those that serve in our military.

Here’s another one. I’m sure our veterans and active service members can sleep well tonight knowing Sarah Jessica Parker and Tracy Morgan have their backs:

This PSA actually makes sense and gets the message across without unnecessary celebrity firepower:

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