‘The Punisher’ Set Photos Reveal Frank Castle Visiting An Old Friend from Hell’s Kitchen

     October 7, 2016


With Luke Cage out in full on Netflix now, all eyes are now pointed directly at Iron Fist, The Defenders, and, perhaps most importantly, The Punisher. Earlier this week, we got our first official image from Iron Fist, with our hero (Finn Jones) getting ready to knock someone out in theatrical fashion, and news has been beginning to trickle in about The Defenders following its teaser trailer debuting at San Diego Comic Con.


Image via Netflix

That leaves us waiting on more word about The Punisher, and we’ve been getting more than a few tidbits as of recent. A few weeks ago, we found out that Ben Barnes will be playing Billy Russo, the criminal who will eventually become Jigsaw, one of Castle’s most dangerous adversaries, if the series plans to stick to the source material at all. Then, we learned that Girls veteran Ebon Moss-Bachrach will be playing David Lieberman, also known as Castle’s tech-genius sidekick Microchip, and Amber Rose will be playing Dinah Madani, a secret agent that gets involved with Castle’s rampaging.

Now, we have proof that another character will be appearing in the series, although we’ve already met this one on several different occasions. Set photos have revealed that The Punisher will include at least one appearance from Deborah Ann Woll‘s Karen from Daredevil; you can take a look at the set images right below. It’s not surprising to see Karen hanging out with Castle by the water, considering how invested she was in Castle’s case throughout the second season of Daredevil. It’s unclear how she will figure into what’s going to happen with Castle after his run-in with Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in Daredevil, but this might suggest another crossover between Castle and Murdock is in the works. Fingers crossed!

Here’s the most recent set photos with Bernthal and Woll: