Go Behind the Scenes of Sunday’s Most Adorable Event, the Puppy Bowl

     February 1, 2017


Puppy Bowl is one of the most ingenious ideas in TV history. For those who aren’t aware of Puppy Bowl, it started back in 2005 and airs all day during Super Bowl Sunday on Animal Planet. It’s a very simple conceit: Take a dog pen, design it to look like a football field, add puppies, and watch them play. That’s really it. There are a few more nice touches like an announcer and a referee as well as a kitty halftime show, but really it’s all about the puppies. What’s even better is that all of these puppies are from shelters, not puppy mills, so these adorable dogs are up for adoption.

But what exactly goes into making this perfect event? The great minds over at NFL Films have put together a video about the history of the Puppy Bowl and what goes into making the show. While the formula for success is fairly simple, it’s still a tough task and it’s also about making sure to capture unexpected moments. These aren’t trained dogs. If a pup takes the referee’s flag and runs it into the end zone for a “touchdown”, they have to make sure they highlight that. But that’s kind of the genius thing about the event: you don’t really need to script puppies playing together. It sells itself. Every day should be Puppy Bowl day.

Click here to check out the NFL Films video below (not sure why they didn’t make it embeddable). Puppy Bowl XIII starts airing on Sunday at 3pm ET/12pm PT.  If you’re not into watching the Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl airs on a loop throughout the day.