Queen to Perform at the Oscars

     February 18, 2019


We may now have a hint as to how the upcoming Oscars telecast will begin. The show has been shrouded in intrigue (and confusion and frustration) given that the Academy chose to forge ahead without a host when their Kevin Hart plan exploded, and many have been wondering how the show might begin without an official emcee. Today, the Academy announced that Queen will be performing during the Oscars, and one imagines a live rendition of one of the hit songs featured in Best Picture nominee Bohemian Rhapsody would be quite an opening statement.

Adam Lambert will be taking on lead vocal duties during the Oscars performance—Best Actor nominee Rami Malek’s singing voice wasn’t featured in Bohemian Rhapsody (insert joke pointing out that Bradley Cooper did all his own singing in A Star Is Born and yet is seemingly destined to lose to Malek here).

While the Oscars producers were attempting to meet a mandate by ABC to keep the show to a tight three hours, they have now admitted that won’t be possible after The Academy reversed its decision to hand out four awards during commercial breaks. This seems to confirm that while the Academy maintained that the non-live winners would be edited into the show later on during the broadcast, they were going to cut down the acceptance speeches more than they were letting on.

Queen’s performance is in addition to the five nominees for Best Original Song, who will also perform—albeit reportedly in the form of 90-second truncated versions of their songs. It’s unclear what, if any, other musical numbers we can expect as the specifics of the telecast have been kept under wraps. But if you liked Bohemian Rhapsody and/or want to watch Queen perform live, this likely comes as welcome news.

The Oscars will air live on ABC on Sunday, February 24th at 8pm ET.


Image via 20th Century Fox

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