Is Quentin Tarantino’s New Movie Titled DJANGO UNCHAINED?

     April 29, 2011


There’ve been rumblings about Quentin Tarantino’s next project for a while now. He previously talked about doing “a Southern,” a film that would bring to surface all the slavery issues that Americans are none too fond of tackling. Then there was that spaghetti western with Franco Nero rumored to be starring. In that updated story, it was confirmed that Tarantino was in fact writing a western, and Christoph Waltz is one of the stars. Beyond that, nothing else was known. The script was due to be turned in to The Weinstein Company in two months, at which time we might know more. Well, that was February.

Today, we may have learned that the title of Tarantino’s next film may be Django Unchained. How did we learn this? If you remember that image of the title page for the Inglourious Basterds script, with Tarantino’s scribbled handwriting, what lies after the jump may look familiar. Hit the jump to see what I’m talking about.  [Click here for an update on Django Unchaine, including plot details.]

Tonight an image of what looks to be the title page of Tarantino’s final draft of Django Unchained was tweeted (via Slash Film). Here’s the picture:


It sure looks a great deal similar to that Inglorious Basterds page. Though this may seem a bit far fetched, keep in mind that there exists a 1966 spaghetti western called Django starring none other than Franco Nero, the same person who appeared to have spilled the beans on Tarantino’s next project a few months back.

I wouldn’t put it past Tarantino, a guy with an insane knowledge/passion for spaghetti westerns, to take the Django character and create an entirely new film. I’m not familiar with that western, but apparently Django is a gunslinger who drags around a coffin that conceals a Gatling gun. Consider me sold. Personally, I’m just psyched for a new Tarantino flick. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon, since according to the image Tarantino just finished the final draft a few days ago.

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