Watch Almost Every Pop Culture Reference in Director Quentin Tarantino’s Movies in Under Six Minutes

     January 2, 2013


Fans of Quentin Tarantino’s films know that the iconic director has a habit of working pop culture references to movies, comics, music and celebrities into each of his pictures.  Now, a compilation of those references has been put together for you to enjoy.  In under six minutes, you can watch a chronological recap of almost every meta-mention from such films as Inglourious Basterds, Death Proof, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and even Tarantino’s short sequence he directed for Four Rooms.  However, it’s missing out on Django Unchained (currently-in-theaters) as well as Tarantino’s uncredited written dialogue in Crimson Tide, as The Playlist points out.  Still, it’s a nice walk down memory lane for long-time Tarantino fans.  Hit the jump to check out the video.

Check out the video below, courtesy of College Humor (via The Playlist):


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