Quentin Tarantino to Direct THE SHADOW?

     August 4, 2010


“Quentin Tarantino’s The Shadow.”  I like the sound of that.  Pajiba reports that Tarantino is currently in discussions to direct an adaptation of the pulp superhero The Shadow if he’s not attached already.  Pajiba also reports that Tarantino is also attached to co-write, which wouldn’t be a surprise since Tarantino has yet to direct a movie where he wasn’t responsible for the script.  Pajiba’s source on this one is the highly-trustworthy “Hollywood Cog” and a movie based on a pulp magazine hero who “knows what evil lies in the hearts of men,” sounds like something Tarantino could work wonders with.

Of course, there are many contradicting factors to consider.  Hit the jump to learn more about the project as well as a list of other films that Tarantino could also do as a follow-up to his Oscar-winning masterpiece.

shadow_book_cover_01In January, we reported that Sam Raimi was producing and might direct an re-adaptation of The Shadow.  The character no longer had the stink of the 1994 Alec Baldwin flick upon him and was ready to return to the big screen.  This new version would reportedly be a hard-R flick with scenes like “A man thrown into meat grinder and coming out as ground beef on the other side.”  In March, there was word that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade may take the helm, but Slade told Steve in June that he wasn’t doing the movie and that it was just a rumor.  It’s possible, despite the Cog’s impressive track record, that this is just a rumor as well or wishful-studio-thinking at best.

As for Tarantino, he’s also reportedly considering:

And perhaps various other projects that haven’t are still under wraps.  But what he chooses to do next, it will obviously be worth our full-attention.

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