Quentin Tarantino’s Top 20 Films of 2010

     January 2, 2011

As we enter 2011, Quentin Tarantino has revealed his top ten films of 2010.  The list includes the usual suspects (Toy Story 3, The Social Network) along with some fun surprises like Tangled and, shall we say “peculiar” surprises like Robin Hood.  Tarantino didn’t provide any comment on his choices, but said of his number ten pick, Enter the Void,

“Hands down best credit scene of the year? Maybe best credit scene of the decade. One of the greatest in cinema history.”

Hit the jump for Tarantino’s list along with a look at the opening credits for Enter the Void.

Here’s Tarantino’s Top 20 of 2010 according to The Tarantino Archives [via Bleeding Cool]:

1.) Toy Story 3
2.) The Social Network
3.) Animal Kingdom
4.) I Am Love
5.) Tangled
6.) True Grit
7.) The Town
8.) Greenberg
9.) Cyrus
10.) Enter The Void
11.) Kick-Ass
12.) Knight and Day
13.) Get Him To The Greek
14.) The Fighter
15.) The King’s Speech
16.) The Kids Are All Right
17.) How to Train Your Dragon
18.) Robin Hood
19.) Amer
20.) Jackass 3D

    And here’s the opening credit sequence for Enter the Void:


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