R.I.P. Jon Schnepp, A Genuine Hero

     July 20, 2018

It is with immense sadness that we confirm that Jon Schnepp passed away peacefully on Thursday, July 19th. As the host of Collider Heroes and frequent panelist on Collider Movie Talk and other Collider shows, videos, and panels, Schnepp was a vital and irreplaceable part of the Collider family, and we are all deeply upset by this tragic news.

Schnepp’s fiancée Holly Payne released the following statement:

It is with a broken heart that I announce the passing of our beloved Jon Schnepp, who died peacefully on July 19, 2018.


Jon ultimately succumbed to the effects of a massive stroke. He had a blood clot removed from his left carotid artery, but the bleeding could not be stopped. Irreparable and catastrophic damage was caused to both hemispheres and all brain activity ceased. His sister Deborah and I had to make the difficult decision to take him off of life support. There was no possible way for him to recover. Please understand.


I spent the last hour of his life with him holding him, laying my head across his massive chest, kissing him, stroking his hair, playing his favorite songs, and telling him over and over again how much I love him. My life has been forever changed by Jon. I feel endlessly grateful to have shared 16 years of laughter, love and incredible adventures together, including the making of a feature film, as well as a television series that I hope to complete and release later this year in his honor.


Jon’s mother Miriam, his father David, his sister Deborah and I are devastated beyond measure. We appreciate your love and support, and most importantly your understanding of our privacy at this time as we grieve.


Thank you,

Holly Payne

Collider CEO Marc Fernandez also released the following statement:

On July 19th, at 6:06pm PST our friend, colleague, and king sweaty, Jon Schnepp passed away peacefully surrounded by his family and loved ones. Jon means so much to Collider and to me personally. Jon didn’t allow all the barriers that life creates to deter him from his goals and his passions. It’s beautiful to be awkward, less than perfect, and sweat profusely over the things you love. Collider will never be the same, I won’t be the same, and neither will you, his legion of fans that he valued above everything else. Let’s all come together and give Jon Schnepp a moment of loudness. We love you so much.

Schnepp was born on May 16, 1967 and turned his passion for storytelling into a successful career. He was a key creative force in the animated series Metalocalypse, directing multiple episodes in addition to designing and creating the look of the characters, and he also worked the animated series The Venture Bros.

Schnepp made his feature debut by directing the terrific 2015 documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?, which chronicled the history of Tim Burton’s never-made Superman movie. Schnepp interviewed various key creatives involved in the making (and un-making) of that film, from Kevin Smith to Burton himself, and his tact and skills as a filmmaker led to wildly insightful information about one of the most legendary superhero movies never made.

Schnepp’s passion for art was infectious, and his knowledge—especially when it came to comic books—was legendary. He was a fan first and foremost, and the excitement with which he discussed film, comics, stories, and storytellers was palpable. It was impossible to watch Jon and not love him. That’s who he was not just as a host or filmmaker, but as a human being: kind, generous, gifted, hilarious, and full of verve.

We ask that you respect the privacy of Jon’s family, friends, and co-workers during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with all those who knew him, or were fans of Jon, as he leaves behind a legacy of love and passion that will never be forgotten.

We also ask that you please consider donating to the immense medical costs on Holly’s official GoFundMe page.

Sweaties, unite.


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