Rachael Leigh Cook Continues to Wage War on Drugs in New PSA

     April 21, 2017


Way back in 1996, a little-seen comedy by the name of Carpool came and went in the theaters without much fanfare, soon making its way onto TV’s dead zone programming. This was my introduction to Rachael Leigh Cook. One year later, the rest of the country would meet the up-and-comer thanks to a nationally televised anti-drug PSA as part of the government’s Partnership for a Drug-Free America “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” campaign. Leigh Cook quite literally smashed her way into American homes (and hearts) with her eye-grabbing and memorable message.

Jump cut to 20 years later. Leigh Cook has returned for a new PSA that acts as a throwback to her previous one, but rather than targeting heroin users, this new video takes the government’s one-sided war on drugs to task. That’s the slant of the Green Point Creative ad which posits that our nation’s drug policy unfairly targets people of color, creates a cycle of imprisonment and poverty, and is costing taxpayers billions of dollars while having little effect on actual drug problems. It’s a smart campaign and one that’s worth watching, even if it’s only for nostalgia’s sake.

First, check out Leigh Cook’s original anti-drug PSA below:

Now, here’s the modern-day follow-up that takes the government’s drug policy to task, with the help of Green Point Creative:

Rachael Leigh Cook explains that the war on drugs is a war on people in a remake of her iconic spot


Our nation’s drug war is leading us to lock up more people than ever.
Those charged with a non violent drug crime face fines and incarceration. More people are arrested for drugs than for rape, murder and robbery combined. And minorities are being railroaded into this system at much higher rates than their white counterparts even though drug use between both groups is about the same.


At Green Point Creative we believe our nation’s drug policy needs a serious reevaluation, so we are using our skills in strategy, creativity and world class production to generate content that seeks to educate and inspire change. Whether through print, TV, radio or social media, we employ every medium to best suit the message that needs to be told.


Image via Green Point Creative

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