Rade Šerbedžija Cast in Angelina Jolie’s War Film

     August 25, 2010


Croatian actor Rade Šerbedžija (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I) has confirmed that he will appear in Angelina Jolie’s writing/directing debut which is described as a “love story set during the Bosnian War.”  In an interview with the Serbian publication Blic [via The Playlist], Šerbedžija said that he has been in contact with Jolie for almost two months and was convinced to participate in the film via its “fantastic text.”  In the film, the actor will play the father of the protagonist, a Serbian patriot.

For more on Šerbedžija’s thoughts on the project as well as more plot details, hit the jump.

rade_serbedzija_01Šerbedžija describes the film as:

“….a love story about a young Serb and a Muslim woman who fell in love several evenings before beginning of war in Bosnia. That’s how film begins. Then follows war madness. The action follows war events with young Muslim woman ending up in a Serbian concentration camp from where she is somehow saved by the young Serb. Their love becomes passionate but impossible.”

As for his own character, he explains:

“He is a nationalist, but not a negative character. The story about him is very complex. He is a man with traumas from the WWII whose whole family was killed. He has that tragedy in himself and his nationalism is arising from it.”

Finally, Šerbedžija says that the film will shoot in Sarajevo and Budapest with production scheduled to begin in Belgrade on September 3rd.  With production imminent, look for more casting news to come from the film in the near future.  Currently, Šerbedžija can be seen in George Gallo’s Middle Men.

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