17 Minutes from Jamie Benning’s Unofficial RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Documentary, RAIDING THE LOST ARK

     November 17, 2011


Jamie Benning has previously put together “filmumentaries” where he goes along with a movie and adds interviews as commentary and production notes and behind-the-scenes footage that runs concurrently with the motion picture.  He has now turned his attention to Raiders of the Lost Ark and while his work is unofficial, I doubt any official documentary will be able to match what he’s put together, especially since Steven Spielberg doesn’t do audio commentaries.  The first 17 minutes of his new filmumentary, Raiding the Lost Ark has gone online and it’s a must-see.  It reminded me that it’s been too long since I last watched Raiders and how many details I missed or forgotten.

Hit the jump to check out the first seventeen minutes of Raiding the Lost Ark.  There’s no word on when the full documentary will be released, but Benning will put it online when it’s finished.

Extended clip via Wired, which has more details on the filmumentary’s production.



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