Rainn Wilson talks TRANSFORMERS 2

     June 8, 2008

The other day I attended the press junket for Rainn Wilson’s upcoming comedy “The Rocker.” While I’ll be posting the full interview closer to the August release, he did talk about his part in the upcoming sequel to Transformers and I figured you’d want to hear the news now. The quick info is…it’s just a cameo – meaning he’s only going to be in the movie for a scene or two.

He also gave us an update on the long in development Bonzai Shadowhands movie. If you don’t know about that one…that’s the film where Rainn will play a ninja living in suburbia.

Anyway, here’s part of the interview. Look for a review of The Rocker on Thursday night as Cal and Matt will be at CineVegas in…you guessed it…Las Vegas!

Q: Speaking of Transformers, you’re playing a professor in that?

Rainn Wilson: I am. Yes.

Q: What’s the character like?

Rainn Wilson: I’m going to be playing a robot who doesn’t turn into a car. He turns into a college professor. He decides to live a life in quiet academia.

Q: Did you enjoy the first Transformers? Did you ever think you were ever going to be in a Michael Bay film?

Rainn Wilson: I haven’t seen the first Transformers – (some one gets up and leaves) So long, thanks for coming. I should probably watch it.

Q: Are you a fan of Michael Bay?

Rainn Wilson: I should probably check out some of his movies (everyone laughs).

Q: Is you role in Transformers 2 a cameo?

Rainn Wilson: Yeah, it’s pretty much a cameo; I’m just on it for a couple of days, yeah.

Q: what about the Bonzai Shadowhands movie?

Rainn Wilson: Bonzai Shadowhands is still being written by me in my spare time, and –

Q: Are you going to be working on that over the summer?

Rainn Wilson: I’ve been working on it – I was working on it last week, I was on a little vacation and I handed in a first draft to Jason Reitman, and we’re working on it together, and I’m getting ready to hand in this next draft to him.

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