Preview: Rango Trailer Premier, Post-Production Tour, and Gore Verbinski Q&A

     June 28, 2010

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to visit the offices of Blind Wink Productions, home to director Gore Verbinski’s daily work for his upcoming animated feature Rango. While I knew that the event would consist of an early look at the film’s first trailer, set to debut tomorrow, I had no idea how much amazing access I would have. Verbinski himself led me and a group of journalists on a tour through the studio where we got to see hundreds of sketches and computer renderings of the characters.  We also got to see Verbinski’s office, the character designer’s office, a featurette, a clip of the film, and finally the trailer. Even better, we were able to ask the director questions as we walked, along with a more traditional Q&A after watching all the footage.

I walked in with no knowledge of the film and everything I saw was fantastic. For a full description of everything I saw, including the character sketches, the clip, the very cool featurette (which showed the voice-actors acting out every scene on small sets to make the recorded dialogue feel more natural) and much more, make sure to check back tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the just released teaser poster.

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