October 31, 2012


After most of Monday’s programming was postponed due to the hurricane, many shows aired Tuesday night.  It’s important to note, though, that many people on the east coast are still without power, so these numbers are likely soft.  Here’s a look at the highlights:

  • After disappointing numbers for its delayed season premiere, the really fun second episode of Happy Endings was down double digits.  This week’s episode scored a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demo and 4.72 million viewers, down 22% from last week’s 1.8 rating.
  • Also down was the Halloween episode of The Mindy Project, which scored a 1.5 rating and 3.2 million viewers.  That’s a steep drop of 21% from the last new episode’s 1.9 rating.
  • This week’s episode of The CW drama Hart of Dixie was up 20%, scoring a 0.6 rating against last week’s 0.5.

Hit the jump for the full ratings report for Tuesday, October 30th, including New Girl, Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23, Ben and Kate, NCIS, Vegas and more.


  • new-girl-halloweenThis week’s episode of Raising Hope was even with last week with a 1.7 rating and 4.09 million viewers.
  • New comedy Ben and Kate was also even with last week, scoring a 1.4 rating and 3.07 million viewers.
  • A stand-out Halloween episode of New Girl garnered a 2.3 rating and 4.81 million viewers, down a whopping 15% from last week’s 2.7 rating.
  • After taking two weeks off for baseball and the debate, The Mindy Project returned down considerably with a 1.5 rating and 3.2 million viewers.  That’s a drop of 21% from the last original episode’s 1.9 rating.


  • This week’s new episode of Happy Endings garnered a 1.4 rating and 4.72 million viewers, down 22% from the season premiere’s 1.8 rating.
  • Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 hit a series low with a 1.2 rating and 3.37 million viewers, down 29% from last week’s 1.7 rating.


  • happy-endings-season-3-episode-2Things were bright over at CBS, as NCIS earned a 3.4 rating and 18.33 million viewers.
  • Sister show NCSI: Los Angeles was even with last week, earning a 2.8 rating and 16 million viewers.
  • New series Vegas hit a 1.7 rating and 10.74 million viewers, up 6% from last week’s 1.6 rating.

The CW 

  • Hart of Dixie hit a 0.6 rating and 1.38 million viewers, up 20% from last week’s 0.5 rating.
  • New series Emily Owens M.D. doesn’t look like it’s going to last long, as this week’s episode was even with last week at a 0.3 rating and 1.01 million viewers.