Ray Stevenson Cast as Villain (Firefly) in G.I. JOE 2: COBRA STRIKES

     July 8, 2011

Ray Stevenson Villain (Firefly) G.I. JOE 2: COBRA STRIKES slice

With G.I. Joe 2 getting released next summer – specifically on August 10, 2012 – and filming set to begin next month, it was only a matter of time before Paramount announced who was playing the villain.  Well, today’s the day, as THR says Ray Stevenson (Thor, Punisher: War Zone, Rome) has signed on to play the villain Firefly in director Jon M. Chu’s G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes (no word if that’s the official title).  Stevenson joins Channing Tatum (Duke), Dwayne Johnson (Roadblock), Lee Byung-hun (Storm Shadow), Adrianne Palicki (Lady Jay), Elodie Yung, RZA (Blind Master), D.J. Cotrona (Flint) and Ray Park (Snake Eyes).  More info after the break.

25th_firefly_gi_joeAs you probably noticed by the cast, the sequel is made up of almost an entirely new group along with a new director.  While this would usually be a call to arms by the fans, I think we can all agree that no one went to the first G.I. Joe because of the cast…they went because it was G.I. Joe.  Saying that, I think the new cast looks solid and as one of the few who really enjoyed the first film, I hope the sequel is even better.

While THR has Firefly’s description as “a member of the villainous Cobra Organization and is known as a saboteur, ninja master and explosives expert.”  Here’s what wikipedia has:

Firefly’s given name is unknown. Even Cobra Commander doesn’t know his real name or what he looks like. Firefly is a ninja master, a saboteur, and an expert in all NATO and Warsaw Pact explosives and detonators. He always places his charges in the proper location for maximum damage. His fees are paid into a numbered Swiss bank account, and are always paid in advance. He makes no guarantees, and gives no refunds.  Firefly also tends to go together with Black Out and Munitia as H.I.S.S. (short for Hierarchy of Infiltration, Stealth, and Sabotage).

I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s going to blow something up and then the Joe team has to track him down.  Sorry I didn’t give you a spoiler warning.

With production starting next month, I’d imagine we’ll hear a few more casting announcements soon.  Until then…

Ray Stevenson

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