‘Ready Player One’ Set Photos Tease Steven Spielberg’s Dystopian Landscape

     August 16, 2016


Filmmaker Steven Spielberg is currently in production on his return to the blockbuster genre with Ready Player One, and now some new set photos have surfaced online that give us a tiny glimpse into what Spielberg has in store for audiences with this highly anticipated adaptation. The sci-fi film is based on the book of the same name by Ernest Cline, which takes place in a dystopian future (the year 2044, to be exact) in which society spends ever more time immersed into a virtual reality world called OASIS. Think of it like the internet, but for VR—OASIS is where students attending public schooling, it’s where folks play a variety of games, and it’s even a massive marketplace where goods are bought and sold.

The story of Ready Player One finds a young boy hunting for three Easter Eggs within the OASIS that were left behind by its eccentric founder, James Halliday. Whosoever finds these three Easter Eggs gains ownership of OASIS, which as one can imagine could be immensely profitable. The hunt intensifies as an evil corporation owner seeks to find the eggs for himself so he can monetize OASIS to the extreme.

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