Viral Promo Poster for REAL STEEL

     May 10, 2011


Earlier today, we brought you the newest trailer for Hugh Jackman’s robot boxing movie, Real Steel. While the trailer announces the WRB (World Robot Boxing) to the masses, the viral marketing machine Real Steel has been up and running on all cylinders. We previously reported on the extensive (and very well done) fictional backstory of the WRB. After signing up for updates from the site, I received a very cool promo poster for the robo-boxer known as Noisy Boy, complete with rules for competing in the WRB. For pics of the promo poster and the message hidden within it, hit the jump.

So maybe you’re interested in building a bot to fight for you in the ring. Well, you’d better check out the rules below to make sure you’re prepared. Is your fighter bipedal? Is your operating system WRB certified? Are you powered up and ready for mayhem? If you answered “yes,” to all of these questions, then you’ll want to know what else is hidden in this promo.

Thanks to a reader at Movie Viral, the message hidden within the poster has been cracked. After decoding the cipher, the viral site will lead you to a new page with an image of the promo poster itself. Solving the puzzle presented there will open up an interactive animation of the big bot, Noisy Boy. And after exploring every nook and cranny of the steel slugger, you get access to a clip of the Zeus bot. Got all that?









With the debut of Real Steel still months away, I’m impressed with the level of detail and depth of history the viral marketing machine has churned out. Though I’m already excited for the movie, I hope they can ratchet up their level of exposure in the fall after the excitement of summer blockbusters has faded away.

Real Steel, directed by Shawn Levy and starring Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand and Anthony Mackie, rumbles onto screens October 7th. Keep up to date on all our Real Steel coverage here.


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