Watch an Amazing Single-Shot Edit of Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW

     April 3, 2012


Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography boasts a bounty of treasures, but one of his most impressive works is undoubtedly Rear Window.  If you’ve never seen it, I must implore you to move the film to the top of your Netflix queue right this moment.  Besides the excellent story construction and acting, the thriller is a technical marvel.  The majority of the film is seen through the Peeping Tom eyes of Jimmy Stewart, and Hitchcock constructed an enormous exterior building set in order to put the audience right in Stewart’s shoes.  What results is a film experience unlike any other, much more akin to watching an extremely well choreographed play (Noises Off, anyone?) than a movie.

A glorious piece of art has been put together using Hitchcock’s classic, as Installation artist Jeff Desom put his Adobe After Effects knowledge to good use in order to create a single-shot edit of the film.  It’s a gorgeously stunning piece of work that gives us a fascinating alternate view of Rear Window, and it makes me want to revisit the film as soon as possible.  Hit the jump to check it out.

More info on this piece can be found at Desom’s site. Thanks to The Playlist for the heads up.


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