Watch Amantha Find Unexpected Solace in New RECTIFY Clip

     July 22, 2015


Regular readers will know that whenever given the chance, I will extol the virtues of Ray McKinnon’s exceptional Southern drama Rectify, now in its third season on SundanceTV. The series is one of the most gorgeously filmed, mesmerizingly acted, and authentically written show’s ever on TV, and it’s also a welcomed relief for those tired of seeing tired Southern stereotypes paired with bad accents.

If you are already on the Rectify train, you’ll know that this season has been largely devastating (of course), particularly for Amantha (Abigail Spencer), who isn’t sure what to do with her life now that she no longer needs to fight for Daniel (Aden Young). In the premiere, Amantha was offered the option of becoming a manager of Thrifty Town; not exactly a dream job for her, but she reluctantly accepts. In a new exclusive clip for Thursday’s episode “Sown with Salt,” Amantha attends a Thrifty Town management seminar where she meets Forrest (Michael Vartan), who seems to give her some of the acknowledgement and accolades for her family sacrifice that she’s been desperate to hear:

“Sown with Salt” will also follow Daggett (J.D. Evermore) as he continues to investigate George’s death. Though Daniel and Jon (Luke Kirby) try and help clear Daniel’s name after Trey (Sean Bridgers) casts dispersions on him, Jon feels betrayed once he finds out Daniel has been withholding truths from him. Elsewhere, Teddy (Clayne Crawford) continues to try and reconcile with Tawney (Adelaide Clemens), and also gets recruited by Ted, Sr (Bruce McKinnon) to finish the kitchen project Daniel started. But even with Daniel out of the house, he continues to cause problems for the family, especially regarding Ted and Janet’s (J. Smith-Cameron) marriage. Everything hurts so good!

Rectify airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on SundanceTV


Image via SundanceTV


Image via SundanceTV