Red Carpet Interview Roundup – Exclusive

     December 23, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Last week I was on the red carpet for both the “Bedtime Stories” and “Yes Man” premieres. While I’ve already posted a lot of interviews from both events, I actually have a few left. So posted below is what I’m calling a red carpet roundup.

Instead of writing up each interview as a separate article, below are interviews with Adam Sandler, Nicholas Stoller and Peyton Reed, Guy Pearce, Chris Masterson and Steve Rushton.

For those that need a refresher… you all know who Adam is….Nicholas Stoller wrote a draft of “Yes Man” and directed “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, Peyton Reed directed “Yes Man”, Guy Pearce is in “Bedtime Stories” and has been in countless other movies, Chris Masterson is Danny Masterson’s brother and was on “Malcolm in the Middle” and has been in a lot of indie movies, and Steve Rushton is a musician that’s in the upcoming “Hanna Montana” movie.

Anyway, here are the interviews. Hope you enjoy them!

Adam Sandler

  • Funny People talk

  • Why did he want to make Bedtime Stories

Nicholas Stoller and Peyton Reed

  • There is no way to write up this interview…this is really one you just have to watch

Guy Pearce


  • He talks about his recent movies

  • Talks a lot about The Art of Travel and Made For Each Other
    Sundance Film Festival talk

Steve Rushton

  • Hannah Montana talk – he plays a few songs in the new movie

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