MGM Woes Add RED DAWN Remake and Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s CABIN IN THE WOODS to the Delayed List

     June 16, 2010

You can go ahead and mark the Red Dawn remake and Cabin in the Woods off your calendar.  The Joss Whedon-produced, Drew Goddard-directed horror is the latest film to lose its release date due to MGM’s financial meltdown.  These delays have become a nasty habit.  First it was James Bond 23, then Guillermo del Toro dropped off The Hobbit because there was no start date in sight, and now THR reports that Dawn and Cabin have fallen off the schedule.  Red Dawn was scheduled for a November release date.  But this is the second delay for Cabin in the Woods.  The film was originally scheduled for a February 5, 2010 release date.  Then MGM kicked it all the way back to January 14, 2011 for a 3D conversion and to make sure there were enough 3D-capable theaters.  If you’re wondering why MGM is broke, it’s because of calculations like that.

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