Is Rockstar Finally Confirming ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’?

     October 16, 2016


If you play video games even semi-regularly, then you’re likely aware that Red Dead Redemption is, quite simply, one of the best games of the 21st century. While Rockstar Games had carved out quite a niche with its highly popular Grand Theft Auto series, it turned its attention to the Old West with Red Dead Revolver, and the game’s 2004 release was met with enthusiasm. However, it was the 2009 sequel Red Dead Redemption that really took off, with an involving story, incredible gameplay, and a tremendous sandbox that resulted in an impeccable gaming experience. Naturally, as with all things popular, fans began clamoring for a sequel. It’s now been over seven years since Red Dead’s initial release, but it appears it might finally be time for Rockstar to confirm Red Dead Redemption 2 is on the way.

Earlier today, Rockstar’s Twitter account changed its header to a semi-faded red logo while also tweeting out a picture of the new image, and Rockstar’s Facebook page and official website also boast the new logo. Rumors about Red Dead Redemption 2 have been swirling as of late, when concept art of a new game in the series leaked online this past April. Rockstar recently made Red Dead Redemption available as a download for Xbox One, and that would certainly serve as the perfect way to build hype for an upcoming sequel.

Rockstar hasn’t confirmed anything just yet, but all signs point to Red Dead Redemption 2 coming sooner rather than later. And that is very, very good news. For gamers like myself, who disappeared into the likes of Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, and Fallout for months on end, I’ve been clamoring for the next iteration of said games. Moreover, the Western setting of Red Dead makes it wholly unique, and something no one’s been able to replicate as well as Rockstar did.

What say you, folks? Are you ready for Red Dead Redemption 2? Sound off in the comments below.

[Update: And now Rockstar has shared some art from the next Red Dead game. Yep, looks like this is happening.]

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