Trailer for RED HILL Starring TRUE BLOOD’s Ryan Kwanten

     August 22, 2010


Red Hill stars Australian-born HBO heart-throb Ryan Kwanten from True Blood. It marks his first film on home soil since taking on the role of Jason Stackhouse and stars another iconic name of Australian TV and cinema, Steve Bisley. It premiered at this year’s Sydney Film Festival in June and went over well with the crowd. It is certainly lead by the presence of Kwanten and looks likely to make an impact on audiences. The film is released in Australia on December 2nd. Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

While these actors are Australian, the movie has a decidedly Western feel. This kind of scenario is reminiscent of From Dusk Til Dawn and could be going for the same target market. That’s a good thing in my book. It will certainly depend on Kwanten’s performance though how well this does. When this film hits State-side the fan base is already there. Kwanten really surprised a lot of Australians when he landed the role of Jason Stackhouse as they were used to seeing him on weeknight TV as a character in surf culture TV drama series Home & Away. While the physique he obtained while working on that show would have carried him in the True Blood audition, landing a prime time TV role was a welcome shock.

Perhaps Kwanten needs a role such as this to distance himself from the Stackhouse character. In my mind it looks good and will perhaps help his cause. In any case it will certainly appeal to his current fan base. Judging by responses from the Sydney Film Festival, it should do well and Bisley’s performance was also well received on home soil. I am looking forward to it though so will share my review when the time comes.


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