Watch RED Press Conferences with Bruce Willis and Karl Urban, Helen Mirren, and Mary Louise Parker

     October 14, 2010

While I’ve already posted my exclusive video interviews with Bruce Willis and Karl Urban, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and Mary Louise Parker for their new movie Red, while attending the New York City press junket for the Summit Entertainment movie, I was also able to participate in press conferences with all the actors.  Even though press conferences are not as intimate as roundtable interviews, I found all the interviews for Red quite informative.  Of course it helps that Red is made up of an all-star cast and they have plenty of things to talk about.

Some of the highlights were Helen Mirren revealing she based her character on Martha Stewart and she has a crush on Bruce Willis – which is one of the reasons she agreed to be in Red. Later on, during Willis’s press conference, he was told how Mirren felt.  It was a funny response.  Mary Louise Parker talked about how much she loved John Malkovich and told some good behind the scenes stories.  And Willis and Urban had a lot of fun answering the press questions. If you’re a fan of any of these actors, you’ll enjoy watching the interviews:


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