Red Nose Day: Watch Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones, Kermit Singing, More

     May 22, 2015


On Thursday night, America launched its latest British adaptation on NBC with Red Nose Day (through the charity organization Comic Relief) which has been running in Britain for over 30 years. The three-hour live telecast from New York proved pretty successful, both in the caliber of talent it had on display, and in funds raised. As one of the night’s hosts, Seth Myers, told the crowd, “you know that everyone in the U.K. will be sitting there in their castles, drinking tea, saying ‘It’ll be rubbish in America’s hands,’” and that viewers needed to “raise a pile of cash to shove in England’s stuck-up face.”

Reportedly, the program — which featured an overwhelming number of British actors — raised $10 million (with $4 million donated by Bill and Melinda Gates). It also gave us a number of pretty good segments, the best of which (aside from that that awesome Game of Thrones sketch, which we covered here) are featured below: