Neal Moritz Attached to Produce Comic Adaptation THE RED STAR for Warner Bros.

     July 19, 2011


Comics are a hot property these days, and while Universal may be weary of jumping into bed with unknown commodities and developing them into large-scale projects, Warner Bros. seems to have no such qualms. Proof of this dynamic can be found in the fact that Warner’s is currently eyeing an alternate reality comic book series titled The Red Star: a project currently in turnaround at Universal. Created by Christian Gossett in 1999, the comic series takes place in a world where the USSR still exists with elements of magic and futuristic technology intertwined.

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the-red-star-comic-book-cover-imageThe series follows the rise of a mystical ruler known as Imbohl who uses magic and tyranny to rule those below him. Seeking immortality, he becomes increasingly cruel and an uprising aims to liberate those under his control. Director Timur Bekmambetov was being lined up to helm the film and, if you saw Wanted, you know he is a capable action director with a very distinct vision. While that is a potentially large loss, Warner Bros. will be pursuing the rights to hand off to producers Neal Moritz and Jason Netter. Moritz has been riding high lately with a string of successful action films, including Battle: Los Angeles and Fast Five, and is currently developing the Total Recall remake at Columbia starring Colin Farrell.

As for Netter, he was behind 2007’s Wanted, which leaves the door open for Bekmambetov to come back to the project. As of now, Warner Bros. is in early negotiations and Heat Vision reports that creative decisions have yet to be made. While Matthew Sand (Ninja Assassin) was working on the script and had turned in quite a few drafts back in 2009, it is likely that Moritz and Netter will bring in their own writers to further develop the project. Expect to hear more developments on the project soon. Finally, a fun fact for any Star Wars fans is that, according to Amazon, Gossett was behind the creation of the double-bladed Lightsabre used by Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace.

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