George Lucas-Produced WWII Film RED TAILS to Finally Be Released in January 2012?

     June 2, 2011

Word has been increasingly scarce on the George Lucas-produced World War II film Red Tails for quite some time. Directed by Anthony Hemingway, the flick underwent some significant reshoots overseen by Lucas himself when he decided he wanted to change some of the tone of the film. Today, Hemingway tweeted (via Shadow and Act) “Red Tails hits screens January 2012.” Now, this isn’t an official release date, but it’s coming from the director himself so that may in fact be the target.

That seems pretty far off for a movie that was filmed back in 2009, but Lucas is probably just busy making sure he does everything he can to ruin the film before it hits theaters. The story centers on the United States’ first all African-American air combat squadron, The Tuskegee Airmen. Red Tails stars Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Method Man, Ne-Yo and Bryan Cranston.

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