Reese Witherspoon Boards Disney’s HAPPILY EVER AFTER; RUN ALL NIGHT Adds Vincent D’Onofrio; Pierce Brosnan to Star in I.T.

     October 3, 2013


Here’s today’s latest casting news:

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vincent-donofrio-2013First up from THR is news that Witherspoon will star in and produce Happily Ever After for Disney.  The comedic take on a fairy tale “catches up with a prince and princess about 10 years after they have ridden off into the sunset for their ‘happily ever after.’ The couple discovers that even in fairy tale land, you have to work to keep your relationship and life together.”

THR also reports that D’Onofrio, McCallany and Knapp will join Run All Night just ahead of of the film’s production start in New York City.  Neeson stars as an “aging hitman who, in an effort to protect his estranged son (Joel Kinnaman), is forced to take on his former boss, played by Ed Harris”  McCallany stars as “Frank, a member of Harris’ character’s gang who is charged with killing Kinnaman’s character.”  D’Onofrio and Knapp’s roles are under wraps for the moment.

Deadline reports that Brosnan will star in I.T. as “a successful book publisher who finds himself pitted against a young disgruntled I.T. consultant who is tech savvy and uses that to threaten the author’s family and livelihood.”  The producers are currently looking to cast the antagonist role and are aiming for a production start in 2014.


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