Release Date and Special Features for DARIA: THE COMPLETE ANIMATED SERIES

     February 8, 2010


One of the most-demanded TV shows for a DVD release  is finally set to arrive as the appropriately named has announced that Daria: The Complete Animated Series will hit DVD on May 11th.  The episodes will be in full screen, but there are currently no details on the audio, the price (like that will stop you from buying it), how many songs they were able to get the licensing rights for, or the package art.

However, we do know the special features for the set, and I’ve included the list after the jump.  Again, you’re due to stand on my neck on May 11th.

daria_mtv_show_morgandorffer_family_jake_quinn_helen_01.jpgHere’s the list of special features you’ll find on the set:

– All Five Seasons plus Both Movies (that adds up to 1606 minutes of brilliant)

– The Five-Minute Pilot, “Sealed with a Kick”

– Mystik Spiral Music Video, “Freakin’ Friends”

– Daria Day Intros

– Top Ten Video Countdown Hosted by Daria & Jane

– Cast & Crew Interviews

– Never Before-Seen Mystik Spiral spin-off script

While Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butthead may have the greater name recommendation, I believe its spinoff, Daria, has a more devout following of fans.  Rather than trying to just be another Beavis and Butthead, Daria went in a completely different direction, going with sardonic wit and satire over needing “tee-pee for my bunghole.”  The benefit of a larger and diverse cast of characters helped the show by offering viewers a variety of choices of personal favorites (mine: Daria’s Dad, Jake).

Hopefully, the price of this set won’t be insane, but it’s hard to argue that it won’t be worth it.  Of course, part of the delay is due to trying to regain the use of songs used in the show.  I’m not sure if they got them all, but I don’t think that’s a huge deal breaker.  I am impressed that they got Daria and Jane’s top ten countdown, although TVShowsonDVD doesn’t specify if the music videos are actually included or if it will just be the interludes of Daria and Jane being sardonic and awesome.


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