June 24, 2010


A slew of release dates and release date changes were announced today.  Movies getting their release date changed are the animated films Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom (May 27th, 2011 to May 26th) and Rango (March 18th, 2011 to March 4th).

Getting release date announcements are The Company Men (Oct. 22nd), David O. Russell’s The Fighter (Dec. 10th), Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist (Dec. 25th), Mike Leigh’s Another Year (Dec. 29th), Made in Dagenham (Nov. 19th), Stephen Frears’ Tamara Drewe (Oct. 8th), and the remake of Fright Night (Oct. 7, 2011).  Hit the jump for details on all of these films.

Here are details on all the movies mentioned above:

Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom (May 26, 2011)

Directed by Jennifer Yuh and starring the voices talents of Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, Gary Oldman, and Michelle Yeoh.

Synopsis: Po and the Furious Five venture in China to battle a villain and uncover the secrets of Po’s mysterious origins.

Rango (March 4, 2011)

Directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) and starring the voice talents of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Stanton, Ray Winstone, and Timothy Olyphant

Synopsis: The story of a chameleon with an identity crisis.

The Company Men (October 22nd)

Directed by John Wells (ER) and starring Kevin Costner, Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Maria Bello, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Chris Cooper

Synopsis: Three company men attempt to survive a round of corporate downsizing while trying to fend off its effects on their families and their identities.

The Fighter (December 10th)

Directed by David O. Russell (Three Kings) and starring Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, and Amy Adams

Synopsis: The powerful true story of professional boxers Dickie (Bale) and Micky (Wahlberg).  Although they are half brothers, their careers take very different courses.  Older brother Dickie does not suffer fro ma shortage of talent or confidence, but his lack of judgment and humility lead him down a path of self-destruction.  After blowing his shot against one of the greatest fighters of his generation, Dickie descends down a dangerous road of drug addiction that robs him of his career, alienates his brother, and eventually lands him in jail.  Meanwhile, discouraged from yet another defeat, younger brother Micky, whose talent never seems to match the size of his heart, vanishes into early retirement.  But his itch to fight never goes away, and when a rehabilitated Dickie is released from prison and takes over as Micky’s trainer, Micky transforms himself from an underdog into a world champion prized pugilist.

The Illusionist (December 25th)

Directed by Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belville)

Synopsis: The Illusionist details the story of a dying breed of stage entertainer whose thunder is being stolen by emerging rock stars. Forced to accept increasingly obscure assignments in fringe theaters, garden parties and bars, he meets a young fan who changes his life forever.

Another Year (December 29th)

Directed by Mike Leigh (Happy-Go-Lucky) and starring Jim Broadbent and Imelda Staunton

Synopsis: Set in North London, Another Year looks at the lives of an interconnected group of family and friends.

Made in Dagenham (November 19th)

Directed by Nigel Cole (Calender Girls) and starring Rosamund Pike, Miranda Richardson, Sally Hawkins, Bob Hoskins, and Richard Schiff

Synopsis: A dramatization of the 1968 strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant, where female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination.

Tamara Drewe (October 8th)

Directed by Stephen Frears (The Queen) and starring Gemma Arterton, Dominic Cooper, and Luke Evans

Synopsis: A young newspaper writer returns to her hometown in the English countryside, where her childhood home is being prepped for sale.

Fright Night (October 7, 2011)

Directed by Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) and starring Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, Imogen Poots, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, David Tennant, and Toni Collette

Synopsis: Teenager Charley Brewster discovers that his new neighbor is a vampire.  Charley enlists the help of a Las Vegas entertainer to defeat the blood-sucking fiend.  Based off the 1985 film of the same name.

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