REPRISE Movie Trailer

     April 22, 2008

Opening on May 16th is the debut of filmmaker Joachim Trier and his movie is called “Reprise.” While you probably haven’t heard of the film yet as it was made in Norway, the reason you mightbe interestedis “Reprise” is currently rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes even with 16 reviews. Meaning, all 16 people liked the movie and didn’t have anything bad to say. Add to that, producer Scott Rudin added his name to the film to help the movie get noticed. That isn’t something he usually does.

Since I haven’t seen the film yet and I’d imagine most of you haven’t either, here’s the official synopsis before the trailer. Also, before the movie comes out I should be interviewing director Joachim Trier, so expect that sometime in May. Until then…take a look at the very well done trailer.

The fast-moving story kicks off just as Phillip (ANDERS DANIELSON LIE) and Erik (ESPEN KLOUMAN-HOINER) stand at the mailbox, two cocky, grinning rebels full of 20 year-old verve and dreams, their whole lives hanging in the balance at this singular moment. Each is about to ship off his first novel to publishers, each is hoping to become a wildly influential “cult author,” each has visions of a new life of non-stop intensity, brilliance, romance and nightclubbing.

Fast-forward six months. These reveries have crashed, hard, into reality. Phillip, whose novel garnered instant acclaim and turned him into a mini-celebrity, has had a terrifying breakdown and is just about to be released from a psychiatric hospital. Erik, who never sold his novel, is still pecking away, determined to follow in the footsteps of his undying hero, a reclusive but idolized writing genius, no matter what it takes.

REPRISE explores not just what happens to Phillip and Erik as they pick up the pieces but what might have happened to them, what they imagine could happen, what they fear will possibly happen and what they can’t see actually happening. Nimbly moving both backwards and forwards in time – via a dazzling mix of flashbacks, rapid-fire editing, philosophical voiceovers and comical flights of fancy — the film traces how Erik and Phillip arrived at this precipice where exuberant youth runs into the harsh light of day . . . and witnesses the emotionally gripping aftermath.

REPRISE marks the feature film debut of Joachim Trier, who wrote the screenplay with Eskil Vogt. In its native Norway, the film won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay at the national film awards. REPRISE’s unusual cast includes Anders Danielsen Lie, a doctor and musician, as the romantically enigmatic Philip and advertising copywriter Espen Klouman Hoiner, as the sly and charismatic Erik. Newcomer Viktoria Winge is Kari, Phillip’s girlfriend and muse, with whom he tries, over and over, to recreate the elusive source of his inspiration. The film is produced by Karin Julsrud and executive produced by Scott Rudin.

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