Dan Harmon Explains ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Delays in Lengthy Twitter Thread

     June 24, 2017


For a certain sect of animation fans, Dan Harmon fans, and general miscreants with a taste for pitch-black comedy, the delay in Rick and Morty Season 3’s release has caused quite a bit of an uproar. The reasons for this are maddening to say the least, as the amount of people who seem to believe Harmon and co-creator Justin Roiland owe them quick turnaround and a full season of perfect episodes that don’t stir any of their myriad hang-ups is frankly stunning. Even after they threw everyone a bone and released the season 3 premiere out of nowhere a few weeks ago, the complaining continued on. Put simply, to cry over a gap of less than two years between seasons is an affront to loyal Terrence Malick fans worldwide.


Image via Adult Swim

Harmon and Roiland owe exactly no one an explanation for why this has taken a little longer than expected, but a hungover Harmon decided to clear the air anyhow in a Twitter thread this morning. According to the Community creator, the problem is a simple and boring one: writing took longer than expected. He talks about getting hung up on being a perfectionist and the writing process’ often slow nature, which is what most people even roughly familiar with the process figured when the delays were first noticed. Sure, that they even have the freedom to deliver the product on their own terms is a rare blessing, but regardless, the thing will come out when the thing will come out.

Harmon goes on to rightfully knock the innumerable sites that have gained clicks by hyperbolizing Harmon and Roiland’s writing process as a furious, series-ending fight between their egos. Maybe it’s just because my dream came true this year and Twin Peaks actually ended up returning to TV and completely embarrassing all but a handful of other television series, but patience can often pay off when it comes to movies and TV.

Here’s Harmon’s epic thread: