Exclusive: Rick Baker and Dave Elsey Talk Makeup Effects at the 2011 Saturn Awards

     June 24, 2011

Rick Baker and Dave Elsey Interview Saturn Awards slice

While on the red carpet for the 37th annual Saturn Awards, we got the chance to speak with legendary makeup artist Rick Baker as well as Oscar winning makeup artist Dave Elsey. Baker was gracious enough to talk to us about his approach to makeup effects, how he became attached to monsters at a young age, his favorite creature that he’s designed thus far in his career, and he even spoke a little bit about Men in Black III, commenting on the production troubles the film has encountered. Additionally, Elsey talked about how he approaches makeup effects, and answered which is harder: applying makeup or having makeup applied on you.

Hit the jump to watch the interview, and if you missed our other coverage from the Saturn Awards, be sure to check out our conversations with Brandon Routh, Fringe’s Lance Reddick, and producer Dean Devlin.

Rick Baker and Dave Elsey

  • :21 Baker talks about his approach to make-up effects, how he begins the process.
  • 1:02 Baker’s affection for monsters/horror films as a child.
  • 1:38 Baker talks about finding humanity in the monsters that he creates.
  • 1:57 Baker’s favorite monster/character that he’s created.
  • 2:31 Is it harder to put make-up on someone or to have make-up applied to yourself?
  • 3:21 Elsey’s connection to the people he does make-up for.
  • 4:27 Talk about their future projects.
  • 4:51 Baker talks about Men in Black III


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