Monster FX Maestro Rick Baker Puts His Own Spin on The Joker

     May 15, 2015


Just as DC comics is wrapping up their brand ‘The New 52’, legendary makeup FX master Rick Baker has put his own spin on Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo‘s gruesome Joker design from the acclaimed comic arc ‘Death of the Family’. Beware comic spoilers ahead.

For those who missed it, the ‘Death of the Family’ arc spanned a number of Batman family titles including Batman, Catwoman, Batgirl and Suicide Squad, among others, and re-introduced The Joker as a homicidal maniac hellbent on destroying the entire Bat family so his nemesis could all of his energy on their cat and mouse games. The first phase of that plan involved meeting Dollmaker in Arkham Asylum so he could cut off The Joker’s face as a sign of his rebirth. Yeesh. The Joker reclaimed his face in due time, re-attaching it with a belt and staples, and ended up with this lovely new visage. Check out Baker’s spin on Capullo’s Joker design below, in various phases from start to finished product.

Capullo won abundant (and deserved) acclaim for his art work in ‘Death of the Family’, but I can think of no higher praise than a creature FX master of Baker’s caliber finding inspiration in your art. Baker’s spin of Capullo’s incarnation is unsurprisingly just a bit more gruesome and visceral. What do you think of Baker’s take on The Joker? How does it stack up to what we’ve seen of Jared Leto‘s version for Suicide Squad? Sound off in the comments. And if you’re not already following Rick Baker’s twitter, I highly recommend you do so to get an awesome look at the creative process of an FX genius.


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