Ricky Gervais Comments on Hosting the Golden Globes; Says it Will Be His Last Time

     November 18, 2011


The first time Ricky Gervais (The Office) hosted the Golden Globe Awards in 2010, he was the first British host in 14 years. The last time Gervais hosted, he took on a hailstorm of criticism (mostly from the celebrities he razzed in hilarious fashion). Now that the comedian is slated to host the Globes in 2012, there’s no way to know what we can expect…unless we ask the man himself.

In a recent blog post, Gervais talked about the decision to come back as a host “for a third and definitely final time” and what made him decide to agree. The comedian is currently at work on his performance for the Globes, saying, “Started writing gags for that today by the way. I should apologise to everyone now; but I won’t apologise after so what’s the point? Much more from Gervais after the jump.

ricky-gervais-imageIn between promoting his new TV series Life’s Too Short, Gervais updates his blog with blurbs about his current comings and goings. Since his last performance at the Globes was so controversial, deserved or not, he’ll probably back off a bit and play it safe this year, right?

“Now here’s the thing. The outrage I caused was of course, as usual, totally out of proportion to the things I said. I don’t think anyone had any right to be offended but they were. This year I’m going to make sure their offence is completely justified.”

Okay, so why do it at all if you know people are going to be pissed off about it?

“The best thing about it is writing the gags. I love writing one liners. Particularly when they can’t be used in any other context. It gives them a special weight on the night if you know what I mean.”

I guess that makes sense. I wonder what changed Gervais’ mind. Was it the money, the spotlight, the controversy?

”It was a tough decision to be honest. There were many pros and cons. I loved doing it, but I was worried that I couldn’t improve on last year…I knew some people would be uncomfortable with me being host.”

Ah, so the man does have some humility. I’m sure he took the job again to smooth over the rough history he has with the Association.

“What actually tipped the balance and made me say yes, was the fact that it would shut up all those fucking idiots who said that I’d never be invited back. Is that the wrong reason to do something? Ha ha. I think it is.”

Or maybe not. Whatever we may see when Gervais hosts the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on January 15th for the “third and definitely final time,” the fact that it’s Gervais’ last shot at this makes me think he’s going to go all out. He’s even welcoming your input:

“Follow me on Twitter and let me know your favourite targets for the monologue.
I’m enjoying it already.”