First Trailer for Ricky Gervais’ Netflix Comedy Special Reveals His ‘Humanity’

     March 1, 2018

ricky-gervais-humanity-sliceIn a few weeks, Ricky Gervais‘ return to stand-up comedy, Humanity, will land on Netflix. As he’s been busy with TV and movies, the comedian hasn’t returned to his roots since 2009’s Science, so there’s plenty to be mined from what’s been happening for the last decade. And in the first trailer for the special, released today, we get a few glimpses of what that might actually look like. From first appearances it seems like Gervais is channeling a lot of David Brent in terms of manufactured grandiosity, before jumping in (of course) to allusions of his atheism.

It’s incredibly hard to make effective trailers from stand-up specials, because most comedians build their jokes up and layer them over time, so getting just snippets of punchlines doesn’t really show us much. I’ll reserve my judgement for the final product, but I’m hoping for something as fun as 2007’s Fame. Or, you know, just a full podcast reunion with Gervais’ Office co-creator Stephen Merchant and their former producer (“I say producer … more like a shaved chimp”) Karl Pilkington. One can dream!

In the meantime, check out the first trailer for Humanity below:

Ricky Gervais: Humanity premieres globally Tuesday, March 13th on Netflix. Here’s the official synopsis:

Filmed at the Apollo Hammersmith in London, the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning British comedian returns to the stage in London with a scathing special that touches on aging, becoming spoiled, his perspective on having kids and more.