RIDDICK 3 Is Called DEAD MAN STALKING; New Details on the Upcoming Flick

     April 12, 2010


Lots of new details have come to light regarding David Twohy’s third Riddick movie with the worst detail being the title: The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking.  If you’re thinking about making your title a pun: don’t.  Thankfully, that’s the worst-sounding part of the new film.  Corona Coming Attractions has read the script for the new film and learned that we’re going back to meaner, leaner Richard B. Riddick (Vin Diesel).  The character has given up the Necromonger crown, shrugged off the shackles of civilization, and returned to his home planet of Furya.  The only problem is that now he’s being stalked by deadly creatures and deadly mercenaries.

Hit the jump for more details on the film.

chronicles_of_riddick_escape_from_butcher_bay.jpgThe film starts off with Riddick giving up the Necromonger crown to Vakko (Karl Urban in The Chronicles of Riddick) although the Underverse is never mentioned.  Corona describe the flick as

The Road Warrior to Pitch Black‘s Mad Max; a stripped-down, hard-edge actioner that just happens to take place on a world where there’s three moons and mud demons and trisons and two shipfuls of mercs hunting down the galaxy’s most wanted man.

And make no mistake, this will be hard-R rated film.  My hope is that it will go at least as far at the Chronicles of Riddick videogames.  Riddick is an anti-hero.  He has his own code and that code involves killing things in a brutal fashion.  Other fun lines from the piece:

– Free from the constraints of delivering a PG-13 movie, the dialogue in Dead Man Stalking is more suited to a film like Training Day; the mercs we meet are hard living people, not those washout fakeout space mercs from a film like Alien Resurrection.

– There’s one more thing that I’m going to say about this third appearance of Riddick, and it’s that we truly get to see how scary smart he is when hunting human prey… Twohy sets up several scenes which shows us how crafty and deadly Riddick is at the top of his game, and to the mercs. When fitted to the unrestrained language and action rating level, this is why Dead Man Stalking has potential to be the setting stone for any follow-up sequels.

The article is a great read and it’s not that spoilery.  Check it out and be thankful we’re finally getting a third Riddick movie.  Let’s just hope they change that awful title.

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