Fox Acquires Action Pitch RIDERS ON THE STORM

     October 28, 2011


20th Century Fox has acquired the pitch for an action-weather film (new genre!) Riders on the Storm. Deadline reports that the film will be written by screenwriter Sean O’Keefe (the video game Lair), and the story centers on a heist crew that pulls off major robberies during severe weather events. Apparently tornadoes make the general public turn a blind eye to thievery. The project actually originated as a video game concept by Richard Wickcliffe, but then Union Entertainment morphed the property into a feature film because why not? I actually think the idea could work as a fairly entertaining video game (dodge the flying debris from the hurricane to get to the money!), but the concept as a feature film just sounds downright moronic. Do we really need another string of weather/disaster-related pics like the Twister/Dante’s Peak/Volcano boom from the 90’s?

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