Ridley Scott Talks ‘Blade Runner 2’, Replicants, and ‘Prometheus’ Sequels

     September 29, 2015


Ridley Scott sure is chatty! In doing press rounds for his upcoming sci-fi rescue flick The Martian, which opens Friday, October 2nd, the veteran director continues to field plenty of questions about old franchises of his that are getting new installments. He’s already confirmed that the sequel to Prometheus, now revealed to be titled Alien: Paradise Lost, will be his next directorial feature; he’s also been attached as a producer on the Untitled Blade Runner Sequel for some time now. It’s those projects we’re concerned with today.

While speaking to Yahoo! about The Martian, Scott also addressed his other anticipated projects. In talking about his career and his work ethic, Scott mentioned that he’d like to make a series of franchise films with Blade Runner like he’s doing with Prometheus. In the case of Blade RunnerRyan Gosling will be inheriting the role from Harrison Ford, both of whom will star in the new film. As for Prometheus follow-ups, Scott reveals whether or not Michael Fassbender’s android David will ever get himself put back together. See what he had to say below.


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Will you have final cut on Blade Runner 2?


Oh, yeah. I mean, I always have final cut on everything, really. Partly because I’m very user-friendly. I always believe when you’re given X amount of money by someone to f—k around with and make a movie, you can’t draw lines in the sand. If I was an investor and you did that to me, I’d remove your ankles. So don’t do the auteur s–t. I respect the guy for giving the money and I respect the studio for saying, “Yeah, you want to do this, here we go.”


You’re doing four Prometheus movies. Do you want to do the same with Blade Runner?


Listen: Everyone else is, so why not? I love to work. The French say “Work to live,” and I live to work. I’m very lucky to have a job that I adore. All my kids do the same thing. Some of it’s trying, but it’s like being in professional sport. It’s so competitive [that] you better keep bouncing the ball. You can’t rest.

You’ve got to appreciate Scott’s work ethic. I just worry that at some point, either the workload or the fact that no one seems willing to tell him, “No,” will start to negatively affect his work. Some critics of Prometheus say that has happened already, but positive buzz for The Martian may help to counteract that.

blade-runner-ridley-scott-set-photoRyan Gosling is a great choice for Blade Runner 2.


Yeah, and I got Harrison back. Because Harrison said, “Mehh,” and I said, “No, read this.” And I think he said, “This is the best script I’ve ever had.” We’ve been working on it for a couple of years.


You once said he’s a Replicant in the first one.


Of course he’s a bloody Replicant! He’s going to have to admit it.


So don’t Replicants die after four years?


I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to see the story. It’ll all make sense.

Scott has addressed the Replicant question a number of times in recent years, so that’s not really news. What’s interesting is what he said about Blade Runner as a franchise of films, and how that will impact star Gosling:

ridley-scott-imageAnd you’re going to hand over the franchise to Ryan Gosling after that.


Yeah, yeah.


What year will it be set in?


It was 2017, so coming back it’ll be 2047, roughly. As young as you can play Ryan Gosling. He’s 34, but he looks 27 when he’s doing his push-ups. So maybe 2050.

Hopefully fans take to Gosling in a similar fashion to how they’ve received Ford, though his performance will have to shoulder that burden. If it doesn’t turn out well, I’m not sure what Scott’s contingency plans are for future Blade Runner films. Would you be willing to revisit Gosling on-screen for a new series?

Onto Scott’s other anticipated series:

prometheus-ridley-scott-set-imageAnd Prometheus 2 will be a continuation of the story?


Of course. Have you ever read Paradise Lost, by Milton? In a funny kind of way, it’s an interesting basis for the darkness of [Prometheus 2]. Where the good-looking guy, who is evil as s–t, gets all the girls and goes to the nightclubs. The other guy, who is not quite as good-looking, is boring as hell and stays home. So in a funny kind of way, we used that as the basis for it, it’ll be Alien: Paradise Lost. Which is very spooky, because it continues after the last one, where Elizabeth Shaw [Noomi Rapace] says, “I wanna go where they came from.” And you’ve got Michael Fassbender in two parts, so she’ll slowly put him back together. They will go to the world of the Engineer.


To the core of that planet.


That’s where they’re going to go. They will find out who would design such an awful bio-mechanoid creature, like a massive piece of bacteria.

Scott lost me a bit with his good/evil guy talk, but it’s nice to know that Elizabeth Shaw will eventually put David back together before heading off to the world of their creators. Pretty heavy stuff, but after the disappointment that was Prometheus, I’ll keep my expectations lowered for Alien: Paradise Lost.

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