Ridley Scott – Exclusive Video Interview

     August 3, 2007

Last weekend I was able to interview a ton of people while attending Comic-Con. And while I wanted to get all the interviews up immediately, it’s been a brutal process to edit and render all the footage.

Thankfully most of it is ready to go, and over the next few days I’ll be posting some amazing interviews with a ton of the stars who attended.

And while I was going to post Ridley with some of his “Blade Runner” actors, I decided that he needed to be on his own.

So posted below is an interview with Ridley Scott for the upcoming “Blade Runner” DVD box set. During the interview we spoke about:

  • If it’s weird to be at Comic-Con for a movie that’s 25 years old and what that’s like.

  • We talk about the new Blade Runner 5 disc box set.

  • American Gangster talk.

  • I ask about Nottingham thinking that’s his next film…he then tells me that’s the project begins next year and he tells me about his new movie that will star Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe and it’s based on a book by David Ignatius and it will take place in Morocco, Dubai and Washington! But it gets better… he then says it’s written by William Monahan and it was finished off by Steven Zaillian. He then talks about who each actor plays and where and when they’re filming the movie.

  • Finally I get an update on Notingham and he says that Brian Helgeland is writing it.

If you’re a fan of Ridley Scott and are curious what’s going on in his world, you’ll really enjoy this interview. Look for the “Blade Runner” actors tomorrow or Saturday.

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