Ridley and Tony Scott Developing 17th Century High Seas Drama Series PYRATES

     May 26, 2011


We just recently heard that FX is setting sail with the period drama series Port Royal, but now Fox is looking at setting up another period drama series with Pyrates. Deadline reports filmmakers Ridley and Tony Scott are behind the series which is being set-up as a limited, event-type series with 10-13 episodes planned for summer 2012. Law & Order producer Barry Schindel and 24 director and producer Stephen Hopkins created the series which will feature a gritty, fact-based story about the men and women who pulled off the largest heist on pirate history — the capture of the Spanish silver fleet in 1628 — sparking the golden age of piracy, a time when there was greater honor amongst thieves than those who hunted them. Sounds like Ocean’s 11 meets Pirates of the Caribbean, but likely without the comedy (and hopefully without the boredom of On Stranger Tides). The question is whether or not audiences are interested in two different pirate-centric series.